Developing Your Selling Skills

Not a good first impression to makeLike most people you desire to be the best. Like any discipline, excellence requires lots of dedication, practice and the passion to keep driving forward when things don't go well.

It is said that 80% of a sales person success is due to personality factors and only 20% is technical know-how. At least 70% of those people did some type of online learning on the basics of what they buy next, or they visited other companies before yours so they already know.

What is an effective sales personality?
a good first impression is important1. A person who makes a great first impression. Within the first 30-60 seconds the client has already 'measured' the sales person up. Changing their mind will be very hard. The way you dress, the confidence you give off are both ver important. A simple genuine smile smile is the most effective thing you can do to win the client over.

2. A person who creates an enviroment so the client would be interested in your presentation. A disinterested person who just goes through the motions will always come in last on the end of the month sales results while someone level toned, listens and responds well and happy to assist will come out on top. Do be afraid to make the presentation fun. A laugh is a great way to lower the clients 'wall'.

3. A person that gives positive confidence of their craft. Being genuinely interested and understanding the clients needs over just going through the motions and selling the higher priced item goes a long way with the client. A good sales person knows the average sales ticket will down sell. Some places focus on Units-per-transactions (UPT) so showing all the stuff they could need then selling only what they need. Remember, the trick is to win a 'friend' not create another 'customer number'. Friends invite friends. More on that later...

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