Where Was I?

I've been on a loooong vacation from YouDonkey.com. One thing led to another and time flew by. Well I'm back. What did I do that took so long?

1. I've been working non-stop on my other blogs, one about my passion and one about useless rants. I had to get the rants out of my head and now I'm done and deleted it. My passion blog is well... still there and still receiving good traffic so I decided to take a break.

2. I have a new residence and a new job. Moving is a lot of work and work was a lot of moving. During my move I noticed I had an abundance of items I don't need. So I donated lots, sold some and gave away a few to friends/co-workers.

3. My professional schooling is in art and designing with computer/network programming/installation mixed in so I also indulged in these studies and now I have more completed paintings hanging around a wireless house.

So I'm back and ready to start dissecting the new internet and the junk people made. 2011 will be a great year.

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