Tourneau's Focus - Entertainment, Vehicles or Watches?

This past holiday I was searching for a new watch for myself. I didn't want the basic jewelry store watch, I wanted something a little more special. So I decided to use the 'world wide web' to get some education and what styles were available... then I would break down to price and brand. So I stumbled on to and I stopped and gasped. Was Tourneau a watch store or something else? I couldn't tell once I clicked in.

Here's what you see once you enter It's their logo, a black and white photo showing a boat, waves with red painted in. Yes there is gears from a watch floating in the water, but what on this great Earth does a boat have to do with a watch? I'm still confused. But okay, on the lower right there are 7 more pictures to come.  Here comes picture number 2.

I guess I'm still confused. It's a limo speeding somewhere, my guess in a city. BUT... again what does a limo have to do with a watch? I like the free "Lincoln Towncar" shot, maybe Tourneau is selling cars now for Ford?  Okay, I know they are not selling cars but why this picture? It does have the same consistency as the previous picture (the boat), but now you have a LARGE red border on the left with VERY hard to read logos of watch brands and an inconsistent main menu on top with a small banner ad for a sale.

Instead of me wasting more time with screen shots, I will just tell you that this horror keeps going. It goes to a man in a suit holding a motorcycle helmet, to a bi-plane flying over some islands, to a Maria Sharapova head shot, to Grand Central Station, then to a large cruise ship. Mind you all the pictures on this first page are all consistent with each other, but NOT ONE is 'watch' related. Really? Come on... not one watch? Not a watch technician? Not pictures of random watches? What brands do they carry? Brand of the month? Sales on watches? Clearance deals??

Enough with the pictures... surly the hard to read logos will take me to some watches. So I clicked randomly with my eyes close to the monitor trying to make out the names. Some links go to other brands, not their own. Really? No one spot checked the url's? Did someone create this site from their home in one night? While this mix up is only applies to three or four logos, the other logos work perfectly. They bring you to a single page which mentions the brand, it's history and a three to four watches. But that is it. No catalog. No ecommerce. Nothing technical. Nothing warranty related. it's starting to show that these people have nothing to do with watches... they claim they do, but it's not showing anywhere.

For giggles, I clicked in to their "Service" page to see what they offer. It seems they offer a lot, not being a watch guy, it seems this page is well represented... except the photo. It doesn't seem to me this should be the main photo... maybe a technician working? The repair "FAQs" definitely wasn't written by a "watch" person. There's no instructions, no real answers. It almost feels like they are talking down to me.

Enough with judging this nightmare of a website. What should've been done is a basic clean and legible menu which takes to you to a brand correct and clear catalog of the watches, their technical information and customer reviews. It also wouldn't hurt if you mentioned which locations carry that brand. This will keep your visitor stay on the website and hopefully turn them into a customer. Why let the visitors leave the site to gather information and lose the sale to another website when you can provide everything a customer needs and wants so they stay with you? Also having a clear and clean breakdown on each watch you carry and the customer reviews, will help you to be picked up by a search engine with higher ratings.

The pictures, while creative, should be watch related and/or company related. Why not pictures of a busy store done with the same creativity as these current pictures. Why not technicians working? Why not have a montage of watches piled on each other? I would move the most important links to a prominate location on the site like the Store locations button. This is currently small and hidden "below the fold". Why? Don't you want your visitors to be clients?

These hard to read logos could become a dim background watermark with the text and photos gliding above it.

I would like to finish this off by saying the following:
1. I have a feeling it isn't the company who actually built had no control on what the website should look like because they DO have a great portfolio. It seems they know what they are doing. I would guess by the actual text it was tightly controlled by the main office of Tourneau, who has clearly employs "non-watch" people to run their company. Because Tourneau didn't allow this design firm to correctly build a site, they now have a "rookie" looking website that doesn't cater to what they sell in their portfolio.

so let this be a lesson to anyone who has their site built by professionals.... give them clear instructions on what you would like the site to do with the proper information that needs to be displayed. They design for a living. You don't. you think you know what's best... but you don't. Live with it.

2. Did I end up buying from Tourneau? No. I purchased from another company that provided everything I needed clearly and without straining my perfect 20/20 eyes.

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