Quick Facts on a Mobile Web Site Layout

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Design with lists, not tables. Why? here are some reasons:
1. To display a table, a device must perform floating-point calculations, which slows down the rendering of the table.
2. Different devices render tables differently; at least some browsers will render every table with equal-width columns, no matter what you do.
3. Lists enable vertical designs (top to bottom design). Tips on using lists:
a. Use ordered lists (ol) for lists where you need numbered access and do not need formatting control over the numbers. (don't forget to assign access keys).
b. Use definition lists (dl) when you need numbered lists and you need formatting control over the numbers (or you need an item 0). You'll need to render the number as well as define an access key.
c. Use definition lists (dl) for situations where you need subsections. The dt item will be left-aligned; the dd item will be indented. There is no need to define a dd for every dt.
d. Use ul or dl for other lists. ul will give you bullets, dl will not.

Here are some quickies on your layout:
1. Large graphics take a long time to download, and should only be used when the main content of the page is the graphic.
2. Don't use spacer graphics or other layout graphics take a while to download and cause the final rendering of the screen to be delayed. Keep your graphics under three items per page.
3. Avoid splash screens. These simply add time and cost to the user's experience without adding value.
4. Keep text styles simple and consistent. The small size of the screen makes a variety of text styles look cluttered and difficult to understand. Rely on only one type of text emphasis. note -> most phones only have 1 font to begin with).
5. Avoid background colors for text.
6. Use few colors. The differing screens and user situations mean that colors may not be experienced as you intend them, and may not be distinguishable from each other. Pick a small (1-3) set of colors for a page and stick with them.
7. Keep content short. Keep your site's content short and to the point.

Can your site be reached via Cellular phones? Did you know this could increase sales or increase awareness of your site? It could.

What I mentioned above is true, for today at least. With more awareness, more chances of selling items the better your future will be. The next generation of cellular phones are being invented as I type this, and the original scripts are being updated or rewritten, this list will get you involved now instead of later so you can have a chance.

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