Cellular Sites are You Mobile?

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Part 1:
Why is it important that you and your web site are viable for the mobile age? If you didn't notice already, the internet is unplugged and more and more people are using their cellular devices to make purchases. They can do it without laptops (or notebooks) while standing in line for their coffee.

Maybe not today, but within a few years it will be VERY popular and so wide spread that the computer I'm using to type this article will be in some museum about ancient history. This is possible because more and more inexpensive, mainstream, wireless hand held devices are being sold everyday. The industry is growing everyday and the devices are becoming cheaper and cheaper too. That means more and more people will turn in that direction instead of using their heavy lack luster computers.

So why is it important? Look at what Apple did with the iPhone and what the iPhone can do for you, the consumer. With out the idea of change, or the knowledge to do so will leave you behind in the dark, while your competitors are basking in the sun taking your customers.

Also as I type this, technology is changing and the next new thing, the Blackberry Storm touch phone was released opening the door for losing more and more money to your competitors. Who knows what is next? Is the T-Mobile G1 a threat? Yes.

Stop building or using useless absolute-size websites and start building websites that fluctuate and change and don't hope that the standard HTML legible mobile browser will be your "saving Grace", because it won't.

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