Why Have A Web Site?

One of my clients once asked me, why should I have a website when so many fail? Why make my business an eCommerce web site?

To put it in to simple terms:
1. Improving Your Brand - the ability to project an identity and to build your brand equity, both over a shorter period of time. This can be done with promotions to increase your communications to your client base.

2. Increased Reach without Hurting Your Bottom Line - bringing in new business online with a professional web site because you are expanding your business nationally and to international markets. The internet gives you and your business the ability to reach new markets that would have been potentially out of your reach before. Plus this is all done without extra payroll. More sales with the same payroll before going online equals better production rates... need I say more?

3. Increased Communications - besides standard email blasts and mailing letters, having a web site is a great to make sales even if you chose not to go the eCommerce route.

As I mentioned many times over, going online isn't as easy as it sounds. For many businesses it will feel like you never left work at work because you will be building/ tweaking and promoting your website to people and search engines at the same time, all the time. But once your site takes hold in your community, then expansion is easier and you gain more time to yourself.

I can only show you the tools, you need to do the building...

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