Where is My Traffic Coming From?

It is very important to track all your visitors to your website so you know you are targeting to right people. Why is it important to know where your visitors are coming from? Simple Answer is: So you know if you are targeting the clientele that is correct for your web site. If you only ship inside a specific country, then you don't want to attract clientele from other countries.

There are a bunch of tracking software that will provide you with a wealth of information about your visitors while helping you improve your web content, navigational structure and stickiness. Good information will help you lower your costs and increase your revenues.

Most, if not all, trackers will provide answers to the following questions:
1 - What country did my visitors come from?
2 - What search engine was used?
3 - What words and/or phrases did they use?
4 - What site besides a search engine gave me the traffic?
5 - What pages did my visitors navigate through my site?
6 - Which pages are the most and least popular?

By regularly analyzing your stats and information, you will make some amazing discoveries and improve where you need to improve! Like many webmasters before you, you will find that only 2 or 3 search engines are sending you traffic. You will likely discover that a very few of your pages are receiving 90% of your hits. Just these two bits of information will help you improve the overall design and flow of your site. You will also find the need to improve the textual content of your site and the "use of cross-promotions" on other pages. A fast moving product could be complimented by slower moving items.

An example:
One of my blogs, not YouDonkey, but another one that I just started a year ago (when I typed this). I was receiving 10 people per day. Once I studied a month or two of statistical information that my stat counter provided, I realized that blog wasn't attracting the correct clientele. After a few adjustments, I saw an increase of 50 people per day almost instantly. I continue improving and adding new things to keep increasing my traffic. It's a delicate balance between what I like and what my traffic likes.

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