Don't Fall For This - Steps to Make Money Online

The biggest misconception of a new webmaster is that he/she has to follow a few simple 9 step process and you'll be off making money. Well it's A LOT harder than that.

1 - Find Hosting:
Hosting is where you put all Web pages, graphics and files.

2 - Buy a Domain Name:
You don't need a domain name to put up a website but it will provide extra branding for your site and makes it easier for people to remember your site.

3 - Planning Out Your Website:
You need to decide - are you building a news/information, product, or reference site - how your navigation will ultimately affect your site and/or visitor - content is the actual pages your supplying to your visitor.

4 - Building Your Website Page by Page:
Building a website requires you to work on one page at a time... but does it really? You need to do more and more learning to decrease your "build/editing time".
Design Basics - Learning HTML - Learning CSS - Learning a Web Page Editor - Creating/editing/updating a database

5 - Publish Your Website:
Publishing your website is simply getting the pages you created up to the host.

6 - Promote Your Website:
The easiest way to promote your website is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

7 - Maintain Your Website:
Maintenance is the most boring part of being a webmaster, but in order to keep your site going well and looking good, you need to do it.

8 - Apply For Publishing Rights:
Adwords, Chitika, Amazon are only three players out of an industry of hundreds players. They pay you money per click or per transaction when your visitor clicks the ad.

9 - Pay Per Post:
You get paid to post 200-300 hundred words about a company. While you can make a minimum of $6.00 and up to (for argument sake) $100.00 per writing, most advertisers won't fit your blog/website content.

Most free informational website/blog will contain the basics of the information I provided above, and I am one of them. I tell you how to do it while also accidentally misleading you. We don't tell you the HOURS/ DAYS/ WEEKS/ MONTHS/ YEARS it will take to learn everything you need to stay in the top 3 pages of a search index result. I am not even mentioning the amount of money you will spend and how little you may make.

the truth is... you may fail. I have many times but I also have succeeded too. No one, including me, holds the key to online success. Even big online investors fail and fail big while someone (with no money) in their parents garage is making millions of dollars.

What I am to relay to you is... you need to work hard and study hard. You may have to put an additional 40hrs above and beyond your daily routine just to get in the top 100 listings. To lower your indexed position, you will have to work even harder and create an experience unseen by your competition.

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