In the Market for a Website Optimization Firm?

As I always do... I roam the net for random subjects to post on my various blogs to share with you. This time I came across and I think you should know about it. Here's why.

Think Big Sites is a firm comprised of world class graphic designers, PHP database programmers, Search Engine Optimization specialists, ebusiness consultants, and site hosting techs. With all these specialists under one roof, they can off services that will include website design, logo creation, Search Engine Optimization Services, blog marketing, hosting services, optimized pay per click campaigns, ecommerce, lead generation, Link Building, Domain Registration, Copywriting, Photography, SSL Digital Certificates, with Custom Web Applications rounding off their expertise.

As you can see, their services are a "one-stop-shop" all business sizes ranging from the small, medium and the large business. They offer Internet marketing consulting, graphics design, web site design, web hosting, search engine optimization, webmaster / site maintenance agreements and custom web programming that can be powered by a database or your everyday-standard HTML pages.

Web Design - They will design a standard HTML website or build a dynamic sites are database driven web sites that generate pages on demand that could display your inventory, give your visitor an interactive test or even a survey. They will also rebuild your site to give it a fresh new look or even take it to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization - With their expertise and "under-one-roof" range of experts they can offer you an affordable Search Engine Optimization Consulting packages for small and midsize business which will translate in to generating more targeted traffic (targeted traffic is the key to your financial success). Unlike other Search Engine Optimization Companies, Think Big Sites uses the proper SEO Process by researching the keywords your visitors could use, use word phrases that accurately describe the products or services you offer to create better and accurate results and lastly creating you a solid link exchange campaign to get visited by Search Engines.

Web Hosting - They use dual-processor server is running CentOS, an enterprise Unix variant which supports Multiple MySQL Databases, CGI, HTML, and PHP. All their plans include POP3 Email Access, built-in server-based spam filter, and Web Email clients for remote access to your email from anywhere.

Domain Registration - They give you the many years experience and an ICANN accredited registrar that you can rely on. All extensions are available for you to search through ranging from .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us or .ws and premium domain names such as .cc and .tv. Transfers, bulk pricing, private registration, copyright protection and more.

SSL Digital Certificates - Digital certificates starting at $200 per year. 128-bit encryption digital SSL certificates are designed for securing intranets, extranets and web sites. Their 128 bit industry standard SSL Certificate is trusted by all popular browsers and has 99.3% browser ubiquity. This makes InstantSSL as equally trusted as any significantly higher priced Certificates from Verisign and Thawte.

Webmaster Services - They do all the regular updates and text changes required to keep your site fresh, interesting and up to date. They can add new scripts, graphics, perform database maintenance, create new graphics, mailbox maintenance or whatever your business requires so you can focus on the customer side of your business.

Graphic Design - They will take your current logo and develop a website around that or, if you want, they can develop a whole new look and corporate identity image around your company. Either way, the new logo will match your site. Doesn't stop there though. They offer other graphic design services like brochure design, flyers, business cards and access to printers if you want them to handle everything.

Check them out. It doesn't cost anything to talk and certainly won't hurt. If you like them as much as I do, then maybe they will be the company to take you to the next financial level?

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