- Can You Build a Site in 10 Minutes?

The claim: The easiest way to build your own website. It's easy, affordable and best of all, includes everything you need to get started.

There are many website hosting companies that claim "You can build a website in a few minutes"... which, I have to say is absolutely true. BUT... the questions I have are... 1- are they standard templates and can they be customized; 2- Can I build a site from scratch without using a template; 3- How to build a website without any HTML skills or knowledge?

Those are reasonable questions shared with hundreds of other people who want a WYSIWYG website builder. Then there are those people that want a site in minutes, don't care to customize a template because they would rather put the energy in to selling, or creating than moving a box or a picture around. As long as the site is professional and matches their task (selling or creating).

I stumbled on to another great company that provides hosting, email-boxes, domain names, tons of storage, submission tools and a few other "spiffs". It's called With you can easily create a website in minutes. And when I say minutes, I mean minutes. I took a free test drive of their service and I built a site. Quick and easy. Just like their claim says.

The website was professional looking and it looked like I spent hundreds of dollars on a real designer... but in fact... I didn't. It was quick and easy so those people looking to have an online presence can have one now... without spending thousands of dollars on books, schooling, software and wasted personal time.

Those people who want more control, I can't answer if this is the hosting site for you. I didn't pay for the service and I didn't ask their customer service. But you will have a great looking site and more time making money, instead of designing and watching your money go someplace else.

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