eBay Losing Ground? You Decide.

If you have been living under a rock, you wouldn't know about that past, and future, seller strikes against eBay. That's right, more and more sellers are boycotting, leaving or testing other selling avenues because eBay continues to suck more and more profits from their clients.

We all know that in order to run a successful business means to have a great profit margin because without profits your business will fail. We all know that a high price point will also kill your business because their will always be another company offering the same service/product cheaper with the same conclusion. So how much is too much?

Is selling more for less the way to go... especially in the eBay genre? Or is selling less for more the answer?

In eBay's equation the answer seems to be straight and narrow... selling more for less. Why? Simply because eBay over charges for things like "bolded listings", "outlined listings", added picture options (not limited to those examples) and only allowing "Buy it Now" to Paypal only. (Paypal is an eBay company) These all create more and more fees for the great eBay.

Buyers and most of all, sellers, are getting angry over the glutton eBay and they are leaving to thinner and happier places like iOffer, Bidtopia.com, Amazon.com, eCrater.com, Overstock, Sell.com and/or creating their own websites.

Are these your answers, or do you need another avenue, or are you staying with eBay? That is your decision to make... but more and more people are making more money on other auction sites by simply saving on "listing" fees.

On site you will find friendly is iOffer.com. They offer a program called Mr.Grabber, which easily transfers your ratings and items from eBay, Overstock and Sell.com and ratings from eBay with just a click of your mouse. They also claim that Mr Grabber will save you time by not having to relist your items, supports most major auction sites and is completely FREE, with no hidden charges! What is iOffer? For one thing, iOffer isn't an auction house. It's better than that! There are no bids, no reserve pricing, no auction end times, and no last minute sniping. iOffer is a pure and true trading Community community that allows people to buy, sell and trade just like you would in real life by negotiating. It's almost like a Flea Market without the smell.

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