Shopify - An eCommerce Solution

Shopify is an ecommerce application for people who want to sell great products through an online store that does those products justice. They provide their customers with a straightforward interface to build exactly the shop you want, hosted on their powerful servers. Over 26,000 merchants are running stores in Shopify, with more being added every day.

First-time sellers love Shopify because they can have a gorgeous, well designed shop up and running in minutes not hours like 'other' ecommerce providers.

High volume sellers love the flexible pricing that they offer to suit businesses of any size, and the unlimited scalability provided by their enterprise ready servers.

What does Shopify offer to you? Here is just some items... Shopify supports over 60 countries and over 45 currencies, so your target market will be larger than other 'startups'.

They provide an easy to use interface for users to create a store and add products; great built-in templates to easily and quickly create an attractive store.

For designers, Shopify provides a powerful tool called "Vision" to allow you to customize your store, from the very simple to the extremely fabulous.

They integrate with multiple payment processing services, payment gateways and fulfillment services to give you the most flexible options for you and your customers.

In addition to all of that, Shopify has a user community, where shop owners and designers, like you, help each other everyday.

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