Make Money Hint - ING Accounts

How do you make your money stronger while making more of it WITHOUT investing it in those "can't cash until 2010" CD's? Here's my trick. I have 2 ING accounts, 1 a savings and 1 is a checking. Hook them up to my Paypal and Google Checkout accounts and my sales generate even more money! With my Orange Savings account, I earn a variable 3.40% on savings and with my Electric Orange checking account I make 2.25% every day, with No minimum initial deposits - No hidden fees or service charges - and 24-hour access to my account. Can your bank do that?

* Make money while managing your money.
* MasterCard Debit Card convenience.
* Free ATM access at more than 32,000 ATM locations.
* Send money securely for free with Electric Checks.
* Automatic protection with your Overdraft Line of Credit.
* Easy money transfers to any bank with a monthly scheduler.

Partner with ING DIRECT and start earning today!

[source ING]

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