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The BANS (aka Build A Niche Store), eBay and you three way combination could put major dollars in to your pocket with out owning a cent of product. No products to learn, no returns or "money back" guaranties, no shipping, no stock to purchase and no one to bother you about their shipments!

eBay's marketplace has an affiliate program which enables you to promote any eBay listed product in exchange for a taste of eBay’s revenue for each sale that you referred. (Commission Junction offers eBay links and eBay account numbers that you will need once you sign up with BANS.)

There is currently 60+ million of products that cater to just about every imaginable niche – from fishing rods to antique Chinese vases, diamond engagement rings to previously released limited edition Ipods. All these products you will be able to market on your website or blog using BANS.

Is it easy to add BANS to your website? Any website from Homestead's WYSIWYG editor to Dreamweaver's editor. It's an easy 5 step process that takes minutes to complete:

Step 1: Choose Your Country - This helps determine which eBay marketplace products you will be marketing.
Step 2: Choose Your Niche - It's as easy as choosing "golf" or "jewelry". Say for argument you choose the golf category, BANS will build a golf eBay affiliate store.
Step 3: Design Your New Website - BANS is a complete content management system with the development features to match any professional website builder.
Step 4: Market Your Website To Your Target Niche - If you’ve targeted golf then you want to attract golfers that are interested in purchasing specific pieces of golf equipment.
Step 5: Begin Building Your eBay Affiliate Empire - You can begin adding to your niche store portfolio by building new stores that market different products to target new niche markets. Complete market saturation.

And That's All There Is To It... Add it to a preexisting website or blog.

[source BANS]

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