Free Photo Editing

Come one, come all. Get you Free photo editing with no registration required! That's right. One less site you have to add your personal information on and one more tool in your creative arsenal.

Picnik claims that you can fix your photos in just one click of your mouse. You can also use the advanced controls to fine-tune your photos. You also have the basic crop, resize, and rotate in real time and add special effects. What to add text? No problem. The truly best part... besides the NO REGISTRATION... NO DOWNLOADS! That's right. You work through your browser! Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux too.

When I played with it, I found the tools easy to use. Many tools are "slide" activated and the "reset" button is clearly marked just in case you need it. There is also an "auto-fix" button which enables Picnik to do the editing for you. It works great. It doesn't work on the "sharpness" of the picture, and doesn't crop or rotate the picture. I guess humans are still needed here.

If I was rating Picnik, I would give it an 8. It's very useful but doesn't come packed with enough features for an advanced user. But it's still very much useful.

[source Picnik]

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