Calculate Your Profit on eBay Fees - Also Paypal

Please raise your hands if you sell (or sold) on eBay and the profit of the product you sell (or sold) was smaller than you thought because of those pesky fees? I know because I am one of those people who lost money because of bad planning. Truth hurts...

I stumbled upon a website that calculates eBay and Paypal fees so you can markup your products accordingly. Now it's not an exact calculation because fees may go up overnight (calculator not updated right away) or shipping costs increase overnight... but it's a good "window" to see what to expect. As I type this out, the site was last updated on 10/04/2007 so it's pretty up-to-date. But shyte happens...

They also have other calculators like: PayPal Fee Fee CalculatorAmazon Fee Calculator BidPay Fee CalculatorePier Fee Calculator

Check it out and save some of YOUR HARD EARNED money.

[source eBay Fee Calculator]

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