ClickBank affiliates are people like me and you who earn a lot of money on commissions by promoting ClickBank products and their resources. Once you sign up as an affiliate (for free I may add), your marketing skills, website and blog and help found here on will lead you to additional income. The average blogger will pull in an additional $2,000.00 a month and more if you work hard. (I pull in slightly more)

Here are just a few of the features and benefits ClickBank's affiliates just can't stop talking about and can't stop adding more and more links up:
- Simple, fast, and free account setup.
- 10,000+ products to promote.
- Commissions up to 75%. (every dollar you sell you pocket .75 cents of that dollar)
- High-converting products drive high ROI on your marketing programs.
- Reliable and accurate tracking gives you credit for your successful marketing strategies.
- They manage the publisher relationships, so you always get paid what you are owed.
- ClickBank never missed a payment since day one.

ClickBank makes it easy to become a successful affiliate. Opening an account and gaining access to our marketplace will provide opportunities you can't afford to miss. Just follow these simple steps and start earning right away:

1. Sign Up as a ClickBank affiliate.
2. Search the ClickBank marketplace for products to promote.
3. Incorporate our simple "hoplink" into your marketing campaign.
4. Earn commission on every sale, plus extended commissions on recurring billing products.



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