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As I mentioned before on my page named "Logo is Important - More than You Know" to be successful in branding starts with the right logo - one that's professional, memorable, and adaptable. I found another great company that may help you with your logo needs. LogoYes.

LogoYes offers their customers a professional-quality, affordable Do-It-Yourself and Custom Logos that include business cards, brochures and postcards. LogoYes also claims that they invented the DIY logo market and remain the market innovator... and I must agree (with the innovation part). They also off a no-risk, "try-before-you-buy" process is fast, easy and fun to use.

1. LogoYes no-risk, “try-before-you-buy” process is fast, easy and fun to use.
2. Lower-Priced, Higher-Quality Products: The only DIY logos specifically designed to help small businesses brand themselves.
3. LogoYes is the ONLY Logo company driven by an award-winning design firm with Fortune 500 clients including: Hewlett Packard, Mitsubishi & Caterpillar

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