Duplicate Content Troubles?

If you haven't noticed, but E-Commerce sites benefit by leveraging their product catalog to launch separate pages to target their products alone without the confusion of other products. If you already do this, if you don't... start, but the biggest challenge you encounter is other E-Commerce sites typically publish the same information (about the product) as you do. This is because most product information comes directly from manufacturers! I found a website, StaticPageBuilder.com, that takes care of this challenge and another 'small' hurdle caused by linking. Instead of linking to your products in the standard-everyday-way(s) (by category or manufacturer) you can easily launch pages via every single relationship. Talk about increasing internal link popularity!

The most obvious, yet overlooked, issue you could encounter building your own website is creating the "Duplicate Content Search Engine Flag" issue. StaticPageBuilder.com creates only one page per unique name automatically. Example: Your customers can choose which state they wish to target, and how many cities they wish to target either total or by state. No duplicating yourself.

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