Point of Sale for Your Home-Based Business

Through out my journey to provide my clients with the best information available, I continually search this limitless internet for answers on the cheap. Well here is one:

I have friends in many industries, Real Estate, Road Shows, Start-ups, Home Based retail, Design Services etc etc and they all need payment devices. Yes, through their respective web sites or blogs they have Paypal and GoogleCart, but they really have nothing for the average customer away from the internet, or a payment system when on-the-go.

One Business that I found, and actually know someone that incorporated it in to her own business, is First Data Independent Sales. Here is a low down on their business:

First Data Independent Sales is an established leader in the transaction processing industry. Founded in 1988, we have maintained an outstanding track record of bringing groundbreaking products, services and technology to market. Our experience and expertise have helped us remain at the forefront of the industry. First Data Independent Sales believes in the promise and value small to medium-size businesses offer the marketplace.

They offer systems that can be used in any business environment. They offer credit card machines, credit card processing systems, merchant services, accept credit cards via telephone, and hand held cellular credit card machines. Remember that many of these devices can be used in Real Estate transactions, Restaurants, Retail and any system will work to fit your needs.

What is also amazing is the fact cardservicesales.com (First Data Independent Sales web site) offers free merchant services, free reprogramming and free merchant software.

You can also accept checks!

Here at YouDonkey & Co. we like to always get as much technology in our hands for pennies on the dollar. Who doesn't right? Well First Data Independent Sales offers a cellular POS (point of sale) that works on the GSM network. Which is also nice about this gadget, you can accept PIN's so your customer can use a corporate card or a bank card... and you also have the functionality of accepting all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover card. This maybe the best device around. Anytime, anyplace and anyone can be a potential sale to increase your bottom line.

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