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Are you looking for templates to create your online identity? As you know there are so many "templates-for-sale" websites out there that claim that they have the template for you. Maybe they do, or maybe they don't. That's your decision.

I came across this website called "DreamTemplate" and for a low one time fee you can get unlimited templates! Yes. Unlimited. So if you are a designer and need to sell a lower-end build package... this is for you. This is what DreamTemplate offers:

A premium template subscription provider with over 1800 professionally designed templates available for members. We serve Website Templates, Flash Templates, Office Templates, Word Templates, Powerpoint Templates, Corporate Identity packages and logo designs. Every month, we're adding over a hundred new designs. Unlike most template sites that charge per template, DreamTemplate works differently. We charge a one-time fee and then give members full download access to our premium template collection.

Check them out. Maybe, just maybe you can pocket a better conversion rate with your lower end building package, or you can create an unbelievable online identity in less time and less money. Easy updates, easy changes and lower webmaster (re)build times.

[Source DreamTemplate]

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