Online Business Success. Real Simple. Real Facts.

Site Build It! is Web hosting that works. It is the only all in one site for brainstorming, building, hosting and real marketing with a step-by-step system of software tools that delivers a thriving, profitable business.

SBI! is always up-to-date which helps you in the long run by saving you even more personal time.

This is what they do:
* No need for you to read those marketing e-zines because it's automatically done for you and incorporated.

* New technology is automatically incorporated into your account too.

* And you do not worry if or when a major Search Engine changes how they deliver search results... they automatically integrate changes into SBI!. So you always get the most out of your site... at no additional cost and time.

* No more wasted time in forums trying to get real answers, when in fact you get the same answer over and over.

What value can you possibly put on these hours-per-day-saving services alone? They free you to focus on your business, instead of struggling to stay up-to-date in the fast-paced, constantly changing, online business world.

Here are just a few examples of what SBI does for you:
* SBI! handles the complex and time consuming process of submitting your pages and then automatically re-submitting them, depending on whether and when your pages are spidered or indexed, in a Search Engine friendly fashion.

SBI! creates Google and Yahoo! Sitemaps for you.

* Just before you build each page, SBI! analyzes that page and tells you exactly what to do, to rank high and be found at the engines. After it is ranking, SBI! even tells you how to rank higher and higher!

* RSS/Blog It! converts your entire SBI! site into a blog. This is a powerful new way to distribute your Web site to the world, with the mere click of a button... blogging to the power of two! It also automatically pings every major RSS engine/directory... (you can blog conventionally, too, if you are so inclined).

* Monetize It! identifies new, high-profit areas, maximizes your ad income, and is also the ultimate in cost-effective PPC-buying.

* Since everything is integrated, only SBI! can run 24x7 across the site background functionality that improves search results, optimizes value exchange results, alerts you to broken links, and so forth... all automatically.

No other software does so much at any price... all at no added cost.

What are you waiting for?

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