Free Jewelry Review - Black Diamonds by MySolitare

As many of you know, I do web site consulting, building, editing and sharing... and one of my tasks, or assignments is to compare the competition. During one of my evaluations (for a consultation job) I was searching for a colored gemstone, colored diamond, custom made-per-order jeweler.

Long story... short... I came across Black Diamond Jewelry sold by Besides the nice layout and small font type, I'm sharing my views on the prices, descriptions of the jewelry and the pictures of the jewelry. These few paragraphs are some easily fixed flaws I find with MANY e-comm sites.

The black diamond pendants are sexy and the pictures really show the black diamonds and the shine of the white gold. The webmaster chose a picture menu laid out in page format. This allows larger pictures, more product per page and a small caption of the product. The few small flaws I saw were, no clear price sorting and "recommended products" are not on top. If you recommend something, or say a product is "hot"... then give it priority. Once a person visits the recommend product page, you can add you slower moving products with "you may also like" or "customers who bought this also bought this". Your slow moving stock could be your add-on and average dollar per sale booster.

The black diamond rings section has the same similar flaws as the black diamond pendants, and a few more. The rings don't sort by metals, side stones or ring type. This could hurt sales because the "could-be" buyer may be in a rush, lazy or tired of searching. Make it easy to find your products, and the customer will make it easy for you to increase transaction ratio closer to 60%. The higher the % the higher the $.

The black diamond earrings and black diamond studs also carry the same layout as the rest of the sections but the stud section and one or two drop earring pictures are poorly laid out and the backgrounds show with a grayish drop. These few are inconsistent with the rest of the clean pictures. There also is no warning or caption stating the pictures do not show exact size, or pictures are enlarged to show quality. This could be a problem because the average customer doesn't "get it" when it comes to pictures and the internet. You'll hear... "it looks bigger online", "you sold me a smaller one for the price of the one online" or one like this "the colors online are much brighter".

Like I said, long story short... make sure you put the necessary labels on your site, keep pictures the same (in this case) and place the hotter stuff on top and the slower stuff as "add-ons". Your conversion rate should increase.

Black Diamonds by MySolitare also did a great job showing off their beautiful black diamond jewelry. Also they did a great job with descriptions and the overall layout. Everything you need was located "above the fold"... other wise known as "on top". Very clear and easy to find. This shows they care about customer service and getting their customers' questions answered in a timely fashion.

Please note:
Review done without permission. Also, please DO NOT copy/steal or borrow their hard work. Use their strengths and their weaknesses only. All Pictures/ Descriptions/ Graphics and logos belong to their respective owners and not to you.

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