Create Your Own Brand

It is very important when you build a business that you create your own brand.

A brand is a trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer and it pertains to a distinctive category.

Building a brand is building a physical identity. A brand also deals with a logo character and a tag line. At the highest point, when I truly focused 110% of my time only on, I created a brand. (I am currently creating a new brand with my next venture) I had shirts, sneakers, hats, mugs, mouse-pads, license plate frames, pens, paperwork, stickers and business cards printed out. No matter where I went, some part of me had on my person. I also left my various "accessories" around.

How did I do it? With CafePress. If you didn't know, or never heard of CafePress... well here is a small break down of what to expect:

1. The CafePress brand is highly recognizable as the leader in print-on-demand services.
2. Merchandise you design including t-shirts, posters, mugs, bumper stickers and much more.
3. Books printed on-demand.
4. Audio and Data CDs.
5. FREE online shop to promote your products.
6. No Monthly fees and no inventories.

Here is how it works:
Customer purchases from your free online shop -> Handles all payment transactions including major credit cards -> Produces each item when ordered using our unique print-on-demand technology -> Ships your products worldwide -> Manages all returns or exchanges -> Offers customer service via toll-free phone and email -> Sends you a monthly check for your earnings on sales!

CafePress helps people create and sell customized merchandise, putting creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit within reach of just about anyone. With CafePress print-on-demand services, items are produced only when an order is placed. That means no upfront costs, no inventory and no overhead for our 3 million sellers. Founded in 1999 and profitable since 2001, is a privately owned company.

[source CafePress]

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