Clip Those Annoying Wires

Have you signed up for Google's Checkout yet? If you haven't yet... but still thinking about it... well this may push you over the edge to signup. Google has announced that people can easily and securely place an order from your (online) business with their cellular devices.
Existing Google Checkout buyers are now able to make fast, secure purchases on their mobile phones from any WAP–enabled Checkout merchant. The Checkout experience has a couple differences in the mobile world -- for example, buyers verify their identity with a PIN rather than with their full Google login

On the merchant side, US and UK Checkout merchants who have mobile-friendly sites can now offer their customers a fast and secure way to shop online while on the go.

I know Paypal already offers this service... but most of you have been stung by the "Paypal-kindness-to-thieves" and looking for a similar service with a better reputation.

You can't get a better reputation than Google.

Yes this service will work on many:
Apple, Asus, BenQ - Siemens, Casio, Danger, HP, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Palm, Panasonic, Pantech, RIM ( Blackberry ), Sagem, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, UTStarcom, Vertu cellular devices on many of the following service providers:
Alltel, ATT, Amp'd, Boost Mobile, Helio, Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile, Qwest, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, NTT DoCoMo, O2, Orange, T-Mobile,Vodafone

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