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Test and Play with HTML Tags:
One of my favorite sites I like to visit when I have a "writers" block editing websites for those who don't understand HTML or CSS is htmlPlayground.

It's a great place to unblock that writers block. Try is out. Plus it's fun.

Consulting on Design and Usability:
I want to thank everyone for your patience waiting for a response back when asking for advise to deodorize your website. As you know, or don't, that my price is very low and that causes me to be extremely busy. Plus to make matters worse (for me) I offer blog design services too.

Well, I am happy to say I bought a laptop with cellular connectivity and decided to connect my Blackberry to connect to the World Wide Web. So long story short...

I'm back returning emails within 12 hours and 24 hours on the weekends. Times vary and not guaranteed. Learn More.

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