Finally! Get Paid Where Ever Your Video Goes!!

Are you on a free video sharing service like YouTube or Flickr and wondered if you could make money no matter where your video goes?? Well I stumbled on a site that allows you to just that... make money from your video that is posted on another web site, blog or forum.

How does it work?
1. Upload your video.
2. Revver will pair your video with a targeted advertisement.
3. Share your video across the web. The more people see it, the more money you can make.
4. Revver will split the ad revenue with you 50/50.

It doesn't stop there. You can then promote your videos to publishers to post your videos on their web site, blog or forum because they get paid 20% of the ad revenue. So that means your revenue drops to 40%, publisher gets 20% Revver gets 40%. With this added feature, you may lose a small amount of money, but if done correctly you will make more. How? By offering the publisher incentive. The more publishers pick up your videos, the more your video gets out there and the chances of making HUGE money is increased.

Check out Revver today. If I did video's... this is where I would go!

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