Anchor Tags with Blogger

Do you want to add anchor tags to your blog but can't figure out how to do it? It's as adding two lines of code and coming up with a name. They are here and blogger friendly.

The Starting Point:
This is the link where the anchor starts. This could be anywhere, on your sidebar, in your posts, and could even be a picture to a picture. So many options... too little time.
<a href="">
Jump to Destination</a>

The Destination (or ending point):
After clicking the starting point link, you will end up here. This can be in the same post, in the same archived month or could be any place in month or another blog all together.
<a name="anchor1">Destination text</a>

Options are easy to add and easy to understand.

Picture (image, graphics too):
<a href=""><img

To Another Site:
<a href=""
target="_blank">Jump to Destination</a>

Side Notes:
You don't need to have "" in your tags, but you need to do all your typing and editing under the "EDIT HTML" tab. Once you add the anchor "starting point" tag under "EDIT HTML" without "" URL and then start editing under the "COMPOSE" tab, Blogger will automatically add their own URL (address). It's annoying, but it will work if you do it correctly and take your time. Some day Blogger will have an easier option/work-around.

One work-around you could do, to another site or inside the same blog, you could use Bloggers linking button and then edit that link under the "EDIT HTML" tab. Similar amount of work, but easier to fix when you are not comfortable with HTML. This same trick can be used for destinations too.

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