10 Things Your Homepage Says About You

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Below are 10 things you are doing that might be sending your potential customers fleeing to your competition.

1. Who Are You Anyway?
Can I go to your home page and easily find your contact information or find a link that will send me to a page that holds your contact information? If you have none of these, then create an easily found "contact" page, or place all the proper contact info on each page.

2. What Do You Really Do?
What is your mission, vision and what you do? How can I use your services if I don't know what they are? Will you sell to general public or are you wholesale only? How do I find out what products you sell, what they cost and the warranty? If you have "Call for pricing", very brief product descriptions and warranties not laid out, I will be visiting someone else because they will display the proper information online.

3. Decade Are We In Again?
Just because there are "different" font styles doesn't mean you should use them. That goes for neon colors, scrolling text, applets and anything that moves? People won't hand over their credit card to a site that drips bright colors, hard to read of fonts and text that will recall the 1960's party life.

4. Where Can I Find It?
Do you have a "site specific" search box? Many sites, like yours, will have an almost endless, and confusing navigation and your clients won't click all over just to find what they want.What

5. Bigger Isn't Better (in this case)!
Are your pictures on your site larger than a 1/4 of your browser window? Did you take a small picture and drag the corners to make it larger? That giant picture will take at least 20 long seconds to load. By the time the picture loaded, I've already clicked the next link in my Google search results.

6. Where Do I Go And How Do I Get Back!
Your navigation should be clear, logical and organized. If your visitor can't find what they want from your homepage, they're leaving.

7. Too Many Sizes, Too Many Choices!
It's difficult to know all the sizes of your future visitors will have, so why create an over-sized home page so wide that it won't fit in an average sized browser? Scrolling left-to-right is a big NO NO on any page. If you're not sure how to make the page flexible, then make it wide enough for an average monitor... about 780 pixels or so.

8. What Products Are Coming In 2000!
If your homepage has news or upcoming events from years past, get it off your homepage. While you're at it, get anything "news" related off your homepage because no one updates their site often enough. Why embarrass yourself?

9. Keep The Movies in Theaters!
Flash sites are cool and spectacular many people rarely hang around for the file to play because they are looking for the "SKIP" link. Dump the flash and make the site sleek, professional and trustworthy. Plus... Search Engines hate flash sites so being picked up by Google is slim to none.

10. Don't Come Up With Something To Say Just To Say It!
If you have nothing to say, don't create the page. FYI - There are no prizes for number of links on your homepage. Keep the fluff on the "About" page.


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