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Since the major shift from websites to blogs, people have been looking for the "feeling" of a website but in blog format. Well, I have the best answer for you if you belong to Blogger. It's a two step process filled with instructions for each step.

To understand the difference between Blogs, Websites and Forums.

First you need to enable "Post Pages":
From your dashboard - SETTINGS >> ARCHIVING >> ENABLE POST PAGES (to yes)

This will give each post it's own page.

Now to get the feeling of a website:
You need to enable something Blogger calls "peek-a-boo" posts. This will shrink each of your posts to snippets. These snippets show only a small section of each post and then leave a "Read More". Once clicked, your visitor sees the full post on it's own page, a new window or the same window. The choice for the snippet length, and new or same window is up to you.

From your dashboard - HELP CENTER (right vertical menu) >> ADVANCED USE >> BLOGGER HACKS (on the bottom) >> CREATE EXPANDABLE POST SUMMARIES

Take your time and reread each section if needed. The instructions are clear but understanding them is where you could go wrong. So take your time. There is no rush.

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