New Online Builder?

Are you looking for an online website building software? There are thousands upon thousands of people looking for an easier way to build a website without spending more money.

Well I was surfing my favorite news-blogs and one of the blogs had a post about a new company named Zude. Zude is a new company,, which is a one-stop-shop for a drag-and-drop, user friendly interface that allows any person become a designer, no matter the education level or age.

Some of the things I noticed right off the bat:
1. No Title Tags (lacking proper SEO!)
2. Built by TABLES (I'm middle of the road on this)
3. Uses CSS for text only (a good thing, but do you have access to the sheets?)
4. No ALT tags (lacking proper SEO!)
5. No TITLE tags (lacking peoper SEO!)
6. Some moving between Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox 2 (issues due to #2)

Never the less, I can't hate this product... yet... at least. It doesn't go public until 05.01.07 so seeing the actual product and the technology behind it.

Will help create beautiful websites or will follow the rest of the Drag-and-Drop companies and continue stinking up the place?? Hopefully comes with Deodorant.

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