Create Your Own Logo in Minutes

The Logo Creator is easy to use, cheap to own and an earning machine. The more time you spend with it, the more power you'll have over your new image. The Logo Creator has done most of the hard work for you, you just have to customize the templates.

You can also create your own template from scratch and use your own graphics and pictures.

Great for Watermarking.

Sell the logos you create and in no time your software is paid for! That's right! You can sell the logos you create with The Logo Creator to your own customers! Start a whole new logo making business or add a powerful service to your current client base. Little or no time, little out-of-pocket money will put more money back in your pocket.

Create logos that rival a logo design company that doesn't cost you upwards of $300. The software doesn't even cost 1/2 of that.

Here is a quick run down:
Software - $40.00
You sell logos @ - $25.00
It takes 2 logos and the software is paid for.

Corporate Logo Edition - 80 professionally created corporate logos with the ability to mix, match and manipulate each and every one of them! Create the perfect logo in minutes!

Entertainment Logo Edition - 50 professionally created Entertainment style logos. Great for Pod Casts, radio, news groups and other entertainment areas!

Business Mascot Logo Edition - 50 professionally created mascot logos in a fun, professional and upbeat style. Brand your company with a memorable character.

Real Estate Logo Edition - 50 professionally created logos designed for the Real Estate industry.

Spiritual Logo Edition - 50 professionally created logos for anybody looking to please that higher power... your customers! Great for religious inspired sites and blogs.

Sports Logo Edition - 50 professionally created Sports logos.

Travel & Leisure Logo Edition - 50 professionally created Kick back and relax logos! Great for the travel industry, or any site that may need a tropical, easy going style of logo design.

The MEGA Pak - This is THE Logo Collection! All of the above sets in one mega - easy to install product. 380 professionally created logos! Over 800 logo elements! The possibilities are endless. The money-making opportunities the Mega Pak offers is only limited to you.

The Corporate Identity Creator - Create matching business cards, letterhead and logos!
Windows version is now available! logo software arrowCreate beautiful business cards, letterhead and logo designs that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over!

The Web Graphics Creator - The WGC makes creating images for your client's website easy! Create beautiful photo-realistic eCovers and spinning CDs that rotate on your web site! Import your own photos and create "Flip books" that your customers can browse!

The Flash Ad Creator - Easy to use Flash ad creation software. Create custom flash animations that look like you spent hours laboring over!

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