Difference Between Blogs, Forums and Websites

Way back then, the internet was an easy concept to understand. That was then. Between then and now things happened. Technology and speed. The birth of faster website scripts, the birth of forums (or online communities) and now blogs. And as I type this out... a new script is being tested to bring us a new name and new item.

What is a Blog?:
A Blog is a type of website that publishes/ displays posts in defined order, usually chronological. Unlike standard websites, a blog can have comments left by visitors and linking sites could also be viewable. Blogs are generally a "news group", an online diary, or "story" themed but now contain videos and even sell.

Multiple authors, or contributers are also possible with a blog.

No Home page. A blog is dynamic, meaning it's content can, or will change periodically. No pages, just separate posts in a new window (or same window).

What is a Forum?:
A Forum, or Electronic Bulletin Board, is a meeting and announcement website that generally serves a specific interest group. The advanced interface allows a user (member) to leave ask questions, review other messages and to discuss answers with other users. Bulletin boards can function as relatively free places for advertising and are often good places to find free or inexpensive software.

Forums generally require you to sign up and create a "username". Some ask for money while some are free. Some make money off selling advertising space while many do not.

Forums also specific areas to ask question or leave a comment. These areas are called "topics" or "threads". These are a chain of specific ideas and could contain multiple conversations.

Since Forums background script differs so greatly, there is so much more a forum can do. But you should get the idea.

Has Home page, but usually named "portal" page. A Forum is dynamic, meaning it's content can, or will change periodically.

What is a Website?:
A website is a group of pages or files that are on the same server that are interconnected. The files and pages on a website are generally content related. Websites come in all shapes, sizes, topics, directories (or portals), Search Engine related and everything in between.

A website can also act like Blogs where visitors can leave comments.

Has Home page, and is a very important page on the site. A Website is static, meaning it's content doesn't change. If the website changes, it's usually all done at one time because it is time consuming to update.

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