Word of Mouth Advertising

Spoken communication between people of their good/bad experiences of a product, a service and/or a company which then is spread in a matrix pattern from person to person. Some word-of-mouth advertising could be over heard and not spoken directly. The most powerful campaign.

Word of mouth promotion is highly valued by marketers and the companies alike. It is felt that this form of communication has valuable source credibility because it is spoken by a "real" person and not an advertisement. People are more inclined to believe word of mouth promotion than more formal forms of promotion because the person speaking the word is unlikely to have a motive besides sharing their own view.

A very successful word of mouth promotion creates a strong buzz. A buzz is a highly intense and interactive form of word of mouth. Word of mouth is essentially a linear process with information passing from one individual to another, then to another, etc. A marketer has successfully created a buzz when the interactions are so intense that the information moves in a matrix pattern rather than a linear one.

To create a strong word of mouth, you need to over-achieve the clients expectations before and after the sale. At first this could cost your company some money, but once the campaign is started by your VERY HAPPY clients... the money will be made "hand over fist".

One great experience can lead to more sales and more clients WHILE one bad experience can lose up to hundreds of people.

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