Personal Information and the WWW

I was on a forum lately and this member stated it was okay to show personal information on his/her blog. Well I have to write about this because innocent people will read that post and find themselves in trouble. Here are TWO reasons:

1. Identification (ID)Theft - The fastest way for a thief to become you causing the real you to become bankrupt. In many cases of ID Theft a thief doesn't need your Social Security Number (SSN) to do damage... but one the thief gets it... it's pay day.

2. The Sicko Factor - Not everyone is right in the head. This person could get your personal information and bother the hell out of you... just because he didn't like your post. It's not just an email but actually calls to your house, emails, posts on other boards mentioning you, calls to your work, letters to your house and even magazine subscriptions to your house. And it can get worse.

So be careful! Post your information you could be the next person spending hours on the phone with creditors and lawyers or spending hours in your managers office. Yes you could be the next person. Don't believe me? That is your problem... but I told you so.

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