Multiple Domain Names on Blogger

Instead of boring you with stuff you already know like Blogger allows domain name pointing now... let's get right to the point. How to add more than one domain name to Blogger.

It as simple as - FORWARDING or POINTING. Here is what I mean.

Right now your setup looks like this:
Domain name >> points to >> Blogger

You want it to look like this:
Domain name 1 >> points to >> Blogger
Domain name 2 >> points to >> Blogger

Here is the way to do it. Simply log into your domain name provider and set up 1 of your domain names to POINT or FORWARD to the other domain name. It's as easy as that. Your final outcome should be something like this:
Domain name 2 >> points to >> Domain name 1 >> points to >> Blogger

There simply isn't a major difference with this example between FORWARDING or POINTING because your blog will simply be under 1 domain name. With many hosts... FORWARDING is the easiest and fastest way to do it and POINTING is slightly harder. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with your domain name providers dash-board.

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