Why choose to use CSS over javascripts... there are a few main reasons why.

Search Engines:
1- There are a few rumors that are getting louder and spreading like wild-fire. The rumor consists of spam-sites and spam-blogs and being penalized. Got your attention? There are many sites out there that have so many javascript advertisements and javascripts that work with spiders to get "stronger" and "hotter" keywords so normal websites are being hurt. Search Engine competition has been strong and everyone is trying to get the upper-hand on Google. One of these is... penalizing sites that are heavy on javascripts... so each search is cleaner and closer to the users query.

Yes... Google is rumored to be jumping on this rule too.

2- Because of this rumor sites that contain javascript navigation will be penalized. Plus Search Engines do not read javascripts correctly so your site won't be indexed properly.

3- Networks and Browsers:
Many people and networks alike turn-off javascripts or ignore them all together. Why? Javascripts create a hole in your security blanket and allow ad-aware, viruses, bots and tracers.

CSS is the basic and long-to-update script that contains HTML tags. Search Engines and browsers understand HTML and can read it. So if there were any spam, ad-aware and bots linked to it... your browser and search engine can see it fast.

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