Point Your Domain Name To Blogger

Do you have a Godaddy domain name and you want to point it to your Blogger blog? Then you followed Blogger's excellent instructions and then you find out that your domain name doesn't work. Well I have excellent news.

Please Note:
The instructions Blogger provides is correct... or was correct. Recently GoDaddy updated their interface so there is 1 more step. The instructions below is from Blogger with my EDITS.

GoDaddy Instructions:
>> 1. (an option only) Open a GOOGLE APPS Free Account and follow those instructions FIRST. DO NOT create a webpage. This will hurt your domain pointing.
2. Log in to your account at GoDaddy.com.
>> 3. Click DOMAINS link (under the girl). You'll be directed to the Manage Domains page.
4. Click the domain name link that you'd like to use with your blog.
5. Click the Total DNS Control And MX Records under the tab titled Total DNS Control.
>> 6. Delete the A(HOST) IP address. (screen shot)
>> 7. Click Add New CNAME Record. Enter www under ALIAS NAME and ghs.google.com as the HOST NAME. (screen shot)

1. Wait up to 3 business days so your blog isn't down.
2. Log into your Blogger account and choose the Blog that will be pointed to the domain name.
3. Click SETTINGS then click CUSTOM DOMAIN
>> 4. Blogger tells you to place YourDomain.com but you need to add www to it. It should look like this now - www.YourDomain.com (screen shot)

Important links:
Google Apps

Why Google Apps?
You'll see all the free stuff that you can use and add to your blog... but I will tell you up front that you get your own personalized email address. YES. You get free NAME@DOMAIN-NAME.com


  1. Thank you! I don't own domains through GoDaddy, but through HostMySite and Yahoo, and by simply following your instructions (adding the "www" in publishing settings) both showed up perfectly. Yay!

    However, without the "www" I'm getting the parking spot site from yahoo and hostmysite, which is very very annoying. Any way to fix that as well??? Thanks!

  2. Hi, thanks for your answer; you mean to delete both full lines?:

    ns77.webmasters.com. IN A
    ns24.webmasters.com. IN A
    Culd you show the way to oint a domain from webmasters.com to blogger, please?

  3. As long as you can add "ghs.google.com" in the CNAME section, the A (IP) section is no longer needed.

    When you point a domain name, you have some options, change the CNAME or add the IP address in the A(Host) sections.

    I suggest to keep your IP addresses off to the side (using Word or Notepad) just in case. You never know. Better to be safe.