How to Protect Your Email Address

The biggest issue for webmasters and the greatest food source for spammers is your email address. Spammers release bots (or Harvesters) that jump from one internet location to another looking for email addresses. Once 1 spammer has your email address... it is then sold to another spammer and to another spammer and to another spammer.

Spammers also have developed a software which randomly creates usernames and attaches the @ symbol and famous email providers. Once someone reports a message as "spam" the spammers then lock in to your email address. Then they sell it.

There are a few ways to prevent your email address. Here are some ways.

1- Using a graphic
Using a unlinked graphic that shows your email address can help the user contact you while protecting your email address. Being unlinked also hides your email address from "source code". You do have to make sure the graphic also is not named "email" or other popular email keywords.

If you do not have a graphic maker, then try this site. They create FREE buttons.

2- Encoding
The new thing is protecting your email address by using a type of encoding. Your e-mail address becomes ASCII Character Entities instead of readable text. While this trick will help lower your chances... the chance is still there and you only need one smart bot to recognize this trick and pick up on it. The plus side is... it's clickable and easier for your users to contact you.

3- Email Forms
This way you can preset what information you require from your user so you can easily respond. This also helps hide your email address because many forms come encrypted already. The bad side is bots fill the forms in and submit to see what happens. You could use the new way of requiring Word Verification before the user submits the form.

You must contact your hosting service to see if they offer "word" or "character" verification. Hosts vary so there is no easy answer.

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