The Difference between Professional and Personal

A question that pops up all the time. What is the difference? Is there a difference? How about:

"This site is built for fun, nothing more and nothing less."

A standard reply usually from the same person (people) that don't understand the question above. Which question? The question that defines this page and the reason you are reading this. I ask you:

"What's the difference between a Comic Book and a Newspaper?"

You should reply: "A newspaper reports the news. A Comic Book tells a story, usually any type of fiction." (I could go on couldn't I?? Well I'm not going to bore you.) I then ask...

"What makes them similar?"

If you answered... the design. You are correct. The design carries through out each media perfectly. ( If you don't believe me....LOOK! ) A Newspaper has the same look on every page (except full page ads....) and a Comic Book does the same thing. Same ideas. Basics in design. - Keep your reader familiar with his/her surroundings. If you stray off the path, you lose a reader.

So what is the answer to the above question? NOTHING. They both carry the same design through out. NO IF's, AND's, OR's, BUT's. Your front page design will be carried till the last page. The content will change, but the design shouldn't.

1. same background color
2. same borders
3. same colors
4. same placement of the navigation
5. same text type (except for quotes, ads, decorative ideas)

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