Blogging a Beautiful Blog - Why Clean?

Like the website community... the blogging community needs to be deodorized with some serious solvents. One of the smelliest community is Blogger. These authors really need to look at their blogs and clean them up. Granted... not ALL Blogger blogs are nasty... but a large portion is. Where do they go wrong?

Fact 1: Blogs are now becoming a bathroom stall inside the dirtiest trucker stop. Advertisements are everywhere (I mean EVERYWHERE) and many DO NOT go with the content the author provides.

I know when you run a text-link content advertisements like Adster or Adsense that you may not be able to control what pops up... but it's the banner ads and ad buttons that you can control and don't.

Now if you go to a blog (or website) that discusses "Household Interior Design" will you click a banner ad that is about dating? Probably not. You would click an advertisement that sells lamps.

Fact 2: Blogs are becoming longer and heavier. I'm running a 2gig processor and cable connection, I'm around 75-80% free (so it's not bogged down) and I'm having issues on some blogs. They're way too heavy.

Why do you have to have 20 long posts on one page? You don't. The "posting tags" and "archives" link to all your content... and YES... Search Engines can find ALL your posts.

Large pictures and large movie reels hurt your performance. Put your pictures and reels on a diet so they are lighter.

Fact 3: Search Engines are now starting to turn their noses up at blogs because of all the spamming going on... and blogs packed with ads to make them border line spam blogs.

I don't need to explain this do I??

Fact 4: Advertisements don't make 100% of your money... content will make you 90% of your money and advertisements make 10%.

Yes... content "brings home the bacon". Content is what is picked up by all Search Engines and content is searched out by your visitors. Think of content as a cup of hot chocolate and the advertisements are the marshmallows. People go to their favorite drink shop to buy the cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows... not the marshmallows and hot chocolate. Get it? Build the content and place some ads and you'll go further than less content and more ads.

Now I could go on and on delivering more "facts" but I won't.

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