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How do I search for keywords?
Are you trying to discover new keywords, the first thing you should do is search KeyCompete using a simple root keyword that best defines your audience. The keyword results displayed will be the top competitors for that keyword. There may be few, or there may be hundreds of top keywords.

From the results, click on a domain name. This action will tell KeyCompete that you want all the keywords found for that domain. Once the results are displayed, you can download them to an Excel file or tab delimited format.

How do you search for competitors?
Enter the root keyword that best defines your marketing space. This will give you a list of competitors for that specific keyword. However, there may be many competitors in your market that do not bid on the root word, rather long tail words or phrases. The easiest way to discover these competitors is to click on one of the domains that appear for the root keyword, then click on one of the long tail keywords that appear for that domain. This will give you the opportunity to find all the competition in your marketing arena.

What is a Watch Report?
A KeyCompete Watch Report is a report that gives you more detailed information about a keyword or domain.

A Keyword Watch Report will show you all of the domains bidding on that keyword, what search engines they were found on, and what their rank was on that engine. The report will also show what domains are new, rising, falling or dropped from the results. New domains are those that were not in the previous index. Rising domains are those that have moved up in their rankings or established more coverage. Falling domains are just the opposite - dropping in ranking or in coverage. Dropped domains are those that no longer are found to be advertising for the keyword.

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