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I get numerous questions about domain names and what to do with them. Well simply put, you can only do what your host (blog host, website host or forum host) allows. You can't do more if they don't allow you to do more, but you can do less. So push the line and do the most.

Forwarding a Domain Name:
Forwarding a domain name is taking the domain name (sitename.com) from the domain provider (godaddy.com) and telling it to goto your host name sitename.host.com. The registrar stays with godaddy and the URL (or address) in the address bar (on your browser) reads sitename.host.com and NOT sitename.com.

Spammers tend to do this practice, while not the "steal your money and identity" spammers but the spammers who own websites that want to rule the top numbers of the results page. A practice YOU DO NOT want to do because you could find yourself blacklisted.

My 2cents -> If you have to forward your domain name because your hosting service, blog service or forum service doesn't allow you to point it, then DO NOT do the following:
- DO NOT submit the sitename.com address to search engines because you will have two listings (sitename.com and sitename.host.com) and this is considered SPAMMING.
- DO NOT submit the sitename.com address to directories or swap links with. Search Engines will view this new address and will not understand what you are TRULY and INNOCENTLY doing... they think you are SPAMMING.

- USE your sitename.com only for "paper" (or physical) advertising. Business cards, local newspapers, outdoor signage etc. Search engines DO NOT crawl life... they only crawl the World Wide Web.

Cloaking a Domain Name:
Domain cloaking is used during a domain fowarding to cover the sitename.host.com to give the feel of a genuine or professional ".com" site.

This is another spam trick. (see "forwarding" above)

Pointing (parking) a Domain Name:
This is the way to go. You take the domain name (sitename.com) from the domain name provider (godaddy.com) and register it to your host. Your physical URL (or address) now will read sitename.com and will never show sitename.host.com.

The registrar will be your hosting service and the owner will be you.

Pointing your domain name can open up another opportunity you couldn't do with a forwarding service. You can create sub-domains like store.sitename.com or blog.sitename.com.

My 2cents on this topic:
If money is not a question then stay away from hosting services that do not allow pointing services. Your site, blog or forum will feel 100% professional and worth every penny. If you are in between hosting services, then leave your domain name where it is now until the move is finalized.

Don't forward or forward with cloaking UNLESS you absolutely have to.

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