New Money Transfer Company to Check out

Each year more than $168 billion worth of money is transferred internationally. A large percentage of this money is sent by foreign immigrants to support friends and family and invest in their home country. Additionally, due to the popular trend of outsourcing, many small businesses use money transfers to pay foreign-based contractors.

Xoom (pronounced zoom) is one of the only companies committed to developing a global online-to-offline money transfer network. Xoom enables its customers to leverage the power of the internet to send money 24/7 to countries around the globe. Long gone are the days when senders need to spend time driving to and waiting in line at an old-fashioned money transfer location.

Xoom’s innovations to the traditional money transfer industry speak for themselves. Some of the many selling points include:

• Low fees – Xoom is up to 80% cheaper than Western Union and MoneyGram’s online services
• Convenience – Senders can now transfer money anywhere and anytime they are online
• Reliability – Xoom offers our customers’ a 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Flexibility – Unlike with traditional money transfer companies, Xoom offers direct deposit to a bank account, cash pick up, secure debit cards, or home delivery.

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