Most Common Question on eBay

What type of items sell best on eBay?
Almost anything (from the normal to the outrageous) can be sold on eBay but there are definitely some items that do better than others. The most common question I receive, about eBay, is - "what sells stronger and faster on eBay?" Besides the common answer - "anything if it's priced right" but eBay does supply a HOT list. You can also visit for an updated list of the hottest items selling on eBay.

Can I auction my car or truck?
Absolutely! eBay sells an SUV every nine seconds (00:00:09) and they’re the world’s largest online retailer of automobiles! But what sells faster, and more website related, is automobile parts... especially older vehicles. People all over are looking for parts like engines, transmissions, exterior pieces, interior moldings and body parts.

Here are some free selling tools eBay provides to make you more money (in turn eBay makes more money):
Daily snapshot of current trends -
Popular Search terms -
Marketplace Research -
Merchandising Calendar -
Seller Central -
and there are even more tools!!

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