Complete CSS Guides

Hopefully the title speaks for itself, but for those who don't know better... these sites WILL HELP YOU with cross-browser functionality. Don't use javascript when you can use plain 'ol, easy to understand, easy to script CSS.

With these guides below, there is NO EXCUSE to you using javascript. Be search engine friendly. - CSS Reference pages. Covers everything from proper coding to proper values. Don't hack your CSS, instead use clean CSS. Your web-browser will love you for it. - simple and easy CSS items for you to integrate in to your website or blog. Easy to understand instructions too!
- Complete CSS Guide, a reference to every aspect of cascading style sheets. If you need help learning CSS or if you're looking for info about selectors, properties and all the other aspects of cascading style sheets, this is the place. An extended version of this guide with extra sections and integrated browser support information is available for purchase and download. You can get the Complete CSS Guide.

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