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One of the most important part of a website and your online identity is your domain name. Many SEO (search engine optimization) websites, consultants or community (blog or forum format) will tell you to do it one way while you and your friends say to do it another way. Here are some points to think about. As you can see by my domain name... I didn't follow all these points.

Is One Name Enough?
It isn’t a bad idea to register several similar domain names if you are an eComm site. If you have "sitename.com", register "yourname.net" so no one else takes it. If you registered your full company you should register a shorter and easier to remember version. Some companies even register common misspellings of their company’s name so they still get the visitor.

Ask your Trusted Friends about Your Choices!
When you settled on a shortlist of available name choices, see what your friends have to say. A name that may make perfect sense to you may be too hard for other people to remember. Is your domain easy to say? Is it hard to spell? Is it hard to remember? If you have to explain ANY of these questions then your names may not be the best choices.

The Domain Name should be Unique and Sticky!
Try to make your domain name unique if possible. Obviously if you have an established business then your domain name should be your businesses name. Making your domain name unique gives your website that little extra flavor but making it sticky makes it sweet! When a domain name makes someone laugh or wonder why... they visit. Also if possible, keep your domain name short because of the clients "attention span" may be short.

Your Domain Name could include Words about your Website's Topic!
When it comes to picking your domain name, you basically have the choice of creating a unique domain name, a name modeled after your company name or create one using keywords that describe your site. (example: DiscountJewelryWatchAccessories.com) There are advantages to using keyword domain names. They quickly tell people what the site is about and search engines also like them because they are keyword rich, which can lead to higher search engine rankings.

Should You Choose a .Com or another Suffix?
If the domain of your choosing is available as a .com, then obviously that should be your first and primary choice. Dotcom domain names have been around the longest and people naturally assume that your domain will end in a .com (unless your site is heavily promoted).

That said, sometimes it's not possible to register the .com you have your heart set on. You could brainstorm for keywords to attach to the name, or plurals of the name because sometimes these will work almost as well. For instance, if your company is named cellular phones but www.cellphone.com is already taken, try other combinations like www.cellphonediscounted.com or www.cellphonebox.com.

Try not to use hyphens like www.cellphone-discounted.com unless you absolutely have to because people are VERY unlikely to remember hyphenated domains than non-hyphenated domain names. Keep it simple!

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