Tools: Basic Checklist for a Web Site

I put together a basic list of what a typical business site should include. This list is the basics that all shoppers follow, and if not readily available, they may leave without spending a dime. Bad for you, huh? A site that has the basics on this checklist stand a better chance to have repeat clients. Good for you, huh?

The list is, and not in any type of order:
1- Contact information: telephone number, address, contact name or department
2- Business hours with a clear understanding of when you are closed (holidays do not cover it)
3- Return and exchange policy: restocking fee, fees for opened packages, warranty issues, clear-cut-guidelines for returns
4- Properly labeled items/products: communicate with the client. be as descriptive as possible. HEIGHT x WIDTH x DEPTH could also be described
5- About: tell us about your business and what you are about. If you have locations, then show us pictures. Staff photos (or photo) with names is great. It's always great to put a name to a face
6- Directions: if you have a retail store, then tell us how to get to you. Mapquest offers free directions and picture. Use them. Also use popular land marks to find you that much easier.
7- What it is you actually sell? 1st hand, 2nd hand, refurbished, dead stock, estate, consignment etc. etc.
8- Are you an authorized seller?

Having a few pictures on a screen and a brief description doesn't cut it. We can't hold it, smell it, move it... so describe it. Make us think it's right in front of us.

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