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Help and Customer Services:
A very important aspect of your users experience with your website. If your user cannot figure out how to use it or know where to go to get help, the possibility of the user buying your product is very unlikely. Some things that we look at are pictures, tutorials, and FAQ's. It is also good practice to offer customer support if the user cannot access online help. Providing contact information such as phone and e-mail support will help you to keep your customers happy.

We will examine this area to see how customizable your application is with functionality in allowing the user to add or remove options they need to use most.

We consider the overall features of your application in terms of functionality and ease of use.

Your Website is a reflection of your company and the quality of your application you have in distribution. Keeping a professional image with your site will let your customers know that you are providing the best services possible. Many times users will visit your site for more information about the application or to contact you regarding issues with the application. Keeping a contact page will all information is beneficial to your company and sales.

Title - The title is one of the most important factors in your site's eventual search engine ranking and popularity. It must be under 100 characters and describe the page correctly.

Description - The meta description tag must speak to the search engine, briefly describe your subject matter of each page and must include keywords and phrases.

Content - For search engines that index your page using an automated process, such as AltaVista, Inktomi, AllTheWeb, Teoma, and Google, the content is critical. The content must be brief, focused, and consistent.

Optimization - Optimization fine-tuning the text and various tags found on your page to help you win for specific searches, using Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

Popularity - Popularity is a term used to describe search engines' measurement of your site's importance to the Web community. It factors in the number, quality, and type of Web pages that include links back to your page.

Since every site and blog is different, I can not give you a published set price. I do not get paid-per-hour like my competition does because there is no legal way to prove my "actual time worked" and many pages take longer than others. Don't get fooled in to other sites that promise a set price, or say "page takes 1.5 hours"... it's a scam. They get you on the backside.

Here is a Ballpark - Low = $20.00 per page and High = $50.00 per page

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