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Free Traffic Exchanges - Pro's and Con's:
What are Traffic Exchanges anyway? It's a free service where you get free hits every time you visit a site in their database. If you don't visit... you don't get points... you don't get points... you don't get hits. Some Traffic Exchanges offer to sell you points for a small amount... while some don't. learn more.

So you have an idea about Traffic Exchanges right? Now what are the pluses and the Minuses?
PLUS - it's free
MINUS - you can only surf the sites in their databases to get credit
PLUS - As long as you have points, you will always have FREE traffic
MINUS - The traffic usually stays on your "home" page. People hardly look around
PLUS - If you have a "one page" site, you can increase the chances of selling in a major way
MINUS - More hits like this usually doesn't mean more sales
PLUS - It is a free way to advertise and costs you nothing

So you are getting the idea? It's not easy money... but could it make you money? Sure. Has it for me? Yes. NOT A LOT... I'm not retired yet from it.

Is it cost efficient to have a free traffic exchange even though you might not make money from it?

Sure. The question is why not?

Why not take your hottest selling product and make it a one page advertisement and use only free traffic exchanges to drive customers to it? It's a simple and quick task really. Create a page that only features a product and "sell" it (sell it = tell us what the benefits are, what is in it for me, explain the features). Then sign up for free traffic exchanges and point your traffic to that page (where is it written that you have to use your "home" page as the target page?).

That is how I do it. I have a page away from these internal links and use Trafficswarm to get visitors to me.

So think about it. Is it worth it? Can you "sell" that item? Will you take a few minutes a day to surf for credits? Is your personal time worth the money you could make? Will you put the time in to get results? Money doesn't grow on trees... but money does come from the trees.

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